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Building land Garda Lake view with a total surface of 25,538 square meters (274,888 square feet) in panoramica position on the gulf of Garda. Current project on the building land Garda Lake view allows to build small villas and apartments with pool.

Building land Garda Lake view – Location and Features

The building land Garda Lake view is situated on a hill, overlooking the lake, on a large morphological terrace. The building land of which a part is cultivated with vineyards, is fenced mostly with a wire mesh. The area is accessed via a long tree-lined avenue lined with cypress trees closed with an iron gate. The lot is divided into three zones: to the north-west, which enjoys lake view, where is the vineyard. Separated from the tree-lined road with cypresses, to the south-east there is a large plot planted with olive trees. In the south-east portion there are some buildings to be demolished. The part of the building land Garda Lake view which, according to the project, is destined for building, is the north-west part, which enjoys the lake view. The project will not affect the road with cypresses nor the olive grove. The new buildings will be built on the edge of the recently planted vineyard. Contact us to arrange a visit!

Building land Garda Lake view – the Project

The project consists of the demolition of the two existing buildings, with the recovery of the relative existing volume, to which must be added the additional volume deriving from the “Piano Casa” plan to which the owner joined.

In addition, has been signed an agreement with the Municipality for further 1,411 cubic meters, equal to 522.60 square meters (5,625.22 square feet).

This makes it possible to obtain two building lots for total 4,014 cubic meters, equal to 1,486 square meters (15,995 square feet).

First lot:

The current project on this lot of the lake view building area involves the construction of two buildings (maximum number allowed by the “Piano Casa” of the Veneto Region). The intention is to preserve the vineyard as much as possible without building a property that is too invasive.

The two buildings will host four-room apartments on two floors served by lift, comprising:

  • large living
  • open kitchen
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • terraces
  • double covered garage
  • cellar.

Each apartment shall have in the basement double covered garage and cellar. From the garage the upper floors can be accessed either by covered stairs or by the lift contained in a glazed compartment.

On the flat roof shall be installed the photovoltaic panels, the solar panels and the condensing units of the air conditioning and heating systems.

Second lot:

The project on this lot of the building land Garda Lake view includes the construction of small villas on a single floor.

The project plans to place these single-storey villas towards the south-west edge of the building land Garda Lake view (where there are currently two properties to be demolished). In this way the surface of the vineyard will not be subtracted.

The single-storey villas shall comprise:

  • large living
  • open kitchen
  • guests WC
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • fitness / SPA area
  • laundry
  • double covered garage
  • cellar.

Project Variations

The project approved on this building land Garda Lake view can obviously be modified, with the relative variation to get approved by the Municipality.

For example, instead of building small villas plus four-room apartments, it is possible to realise all villas or all apartments. Contact us for further info!

Materials and Finishings

To better integrate the properties with the external environment, the buildings perimeter walls will have large portions covered in stone and wood. The remaining parts will be finished with colored paste plaster. The windows will be in dark-colored painted metal and triple-chamber glass. The sliding doors will be of the minimum section type, which allows a better panoramic view. Always to ensure an excellent panoramic view, even the parapets of the terraces will be of the extra clear type. The floors of the terraces will be in non-slip porcelain stoneware looking like natural earth colored parquet. Part of the flat roofs will have a green roof.

Swimming Pools

The approved project involves the construction of a swimming pool for each built property rectangular and “infinity” pools (with infinity edge).

  • the swimming pools for the apartments will have dimensions in plan of 12 x 6 meters.
  • the swimming pools of the small villas will have dimensions in plan of 9 x 4 meters.

NOTE: the whole approved project is at disposal of the buyer of the building land Garda Lake view.

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Building land Garda Lake view with approved project

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