Real Estate Consulting

Our Real Estate Consulting services are aimed at those interested in purchasing Luxury Real Estate (Buyer) or renting a Luxury Retreat  (Tenant), or those who own luxury Real Estate that wants to sell or rent (Owner).

Real Estate Consulting – Mandate Assignment

The Mandate Assignment with our company and/or our Real Estate Consultants will be considered formalized in one of the following cases:

  1. with the signature by the Buyer of the document named “Property Visit Sheet”;
  2. with the stipulation by the Buyer of the agreement named “Fee for Real Estate Consulting”;
  3. with the use by the Buyer of one of our Real Estate consulting services listed on the page Our Services of this Website.

Real Estate Consulting – Sending Detailed Information

In some cases, for example, houses particularly precious, sending details of the Property will be possible only after the signing of the document named “Confidentiality Agreement and/or receiving a Letter of Interest (also non-binding) by the prospective Buyer. Contact us for further information.

Real Estate Consulting – House Viewing

House viewings are made by appointment only and, in the case of property for sale, after having signed the document “Fee for Real Estate Consulting”;

Property Consulting – Already known Real Estate

If the property in question was already known by the Buyer or Tenant, he is bound to let us know it when he contact us for our consulting services or when we bring him to visit the Luxury House.

Property Consulting – Right of the Owner to Sell/Rent to other Clients

Every property owner has the right to sell and/or rent his property to other Clients before signing the Preliminary Purchase Agreement with the Buyer and/or before signing the Lease Agreement with the Tenant.

Property Consulting – Exclusion of Liability

All material shown to us on this website has been provided by the property owners. Our company considers this information to be reliable and truthful but may be subject to errors, omissions, price changes or cancellation without notice. For this reason, our company does not accept liability of any kind related to the information provided by us on this website.

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