Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent

Want to rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat? We'll rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat to a selected Clientele looking for luxury homes!

Are you the Owner or you represent a Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent? Then you already know how difficult it can be to rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat to the right people. How to reach the high profile Customers? How to simplify the booking process? How to rent home faster? What is the right price?

As a trusted Realtor, we will provide a turnkey service to rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat at the right price and in the most effective and fast way.

If you own a Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent that you believe our Customers might like, contact us!

Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent – No Membership Fees
We believe that you deserve to rent your home in the best conditions, and we also believe that our customers deserve the best service. For this reason, to rent your home we don’t require the payment of any initial costs and we don’t ask our customers to pay any membership fee. You will pay our fee only once we’ve rented your Luxury Holiday Retreat.

Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent – Needs Analysis
To help you renting Luxury Holiday Retreat, first, we will start with a thorough analysis of your specific needs with you to fix the correct price and the best marketing strategy for rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat.

Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent – Internet Promotion
The visibility on the Internet is essential to rent a Luxury Holiday Retreat. If you want great visibility for your Luxury Holiday Retreat, our Website is very well indexed by the major search engines like Google (very popular in Europe and the United States, with over 85% market share), Yandex (the most used search engine in Russia, with 62% market share), and Baidu (largest search engine in China, with 83% market share). We can also run ads to rent your Luxury Home, in prominent positions on the major Real Estate portal in Europe, U.S.A., Russia, China, and the UAE, which will help to promote your house to an international clientele. If you want to be successful in renting your property, contact us and we will do a free analysis and plan a marketing strategy.

Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent – Travel agencies specializing in Luxury
If you appoint us for renting your property we will also promote it through a large sales network consisting of international travel agencies specialized in renting Luxury Homes worldwide, to a selected Clientele.

Luxury Holiday Retreat for Rent – International Tour Operators
We also have privileged relations with several major International Tour Operators active in renting Luxury Home.

Off-Market Properties
If you prefer to rent your property in absolute confidentiality, we will avoid the promotion on the Internet and we will offer it only through personal face-to-face presentations in the strictest confidentiality, to a small number of carefully selected contacts (in this way, however, you will reduce considerably the chance to rent your Luxury House, comparing to other forms of online promotion that would give more visibility to your Holiday Home).

Sovereign Funds and HNWI
To be successful in renting Luxury Property, in Europe, U.S.A., Russia, UAE and China we entered in business relationships with major Institutional Investors, Investment Funds, Sovereign Funds, and HNWI – High Net Worth Individuals (people with a very high net worth), who are always very interested in spending their vacation in a Luxury Home, especially if it is “Off-Market”, i.e. not officially for rent. If you want to rent your Luxury Property, contact us and we will do a free analysis and plan a marketing strategy to rent your Holiday Home.

Among our Real Estate Consultancy services aimed to successfully rent your Luxury Property:

evaluation of your Luxury Property;
professional photo shoot (if necessary);
Web promotion on our websites;
Web promotion through our sales network;
promotion through International Tour Operators (our consolidated partners);
assistance in the analysis of the technical and legal documentation required;
translation and interpreting services;
preparation of the Rental Agreement;
complete assistance until closing the Rental Agreement;
If you want to rent your Luxury Holiday Retreat, contact us and together we will do a Property analysis, define the right sell price, and plan a marketing strategy to rent your Retreat.