Luxury retreats for sale and luxury retreats for rent

Luxury Retreats for Sale or Luxury Retreats for Rent

Interested in Luxury Retreats for Sale or Luxury Retreats for Rent in the most beautiful world locations? If you are looking for a Luxury House for Sale or a Luxury House for Rent, approach with confidence the professionalism of a group of consultants with 30 years of combined experience in the home market. Indeed, since 1987, we deal with the sale of Luxury Real Estate and we have recently started to offer also Luxury Retreats for Rent.

Luxury Retreats – House for Sale
According to major international investors, the brick is the most solid investment in the world. But this is true only for Luxury Real Estate or a property with a guaranteed income.

Thanks to our expertise, we have selected the best Luxury Retreats on the Real Estate Market for sale in the most prestigious locations, where the value of a luxury real estate is increasing year by year.

Among the most interesting opportunities, there are Off-Market Properties, not officially for sale, such as Luxury Real Estate that can not be advertised online because the owner prefers to keep confidential the transaction. If you are interested in off-market Luxury Real Estate contact us and we’ll make a targeted search for you, according to your needs.

Among our Property Consultancy Services for buying Luxury Retreats:

a customized search of Luxury Retreats for sale;
organizing a visit to the Luxury Retreat you found on our Web site, or found through a customized search according to your needs;
accompanying to visiting the Luxury Retreat;
interpreter services during the visit to the Luxury Retreat;
technical-legal-tax assistance;
assistance to the creation of Trust and/or offshore companies in the name of which buying Luxury Retreats;
assistance to facilitate non-resident investors to get Residence Permit and/or Citizenship in European Community, Principality of Monaco or in Switzerland, after the purchase of luxury retreats;
preparation of the preliminary contract for the purchase of luxury retreats;
translation services of the preliminary agreement and preparation of the contract in two languages (in accordance with the Law provisions);
assistance until the notarial deed for the purchase of Luxury Retreats;
after-sales services (eg. supply contracts for water, electricity, gas, High-Speed Internet Connection, etc.);
maintenance of Luxury Properties;
assistance for the restructuring of Luxury Properties;
assistance to rebuild luxury retreats tailored to your needs, with high energy efficiency (Class A / A +).
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Luxury Retreats for Sale

Luxury Retreats – House  for Rent
Want a luxury vacation without having to buy a fine property?

Renting Luxury Properties may be scary, especially if you have never done it before, or if there isn’t the chance to visit the home in advance.

We are different from others and we only offer villas, chalets, apartments and historic houses that we have first visited for you!

That is why on this Web site you do not find hundreds of villas and luxury holiday homes, but only those which meet high levels of quality.

Among our property consultancy services for renting Luxury Properties:

customized search of Luxury Properties for rent;
technical-legal assistance;
preparation of the preliminary contract for the rental of Luxury Properties;
translation services of the rental agreement and preparation of the contract in two languages (in accordance with the Law provisions);
assistance until the signature of the contract for Luxury Properties rental;
on site assistance for essential services (eg. house cleaning, pool maintenance, gardener, water supply, electricity, gas, telephone High Speed Internet Connection etc.)*;
on-site assistance for the Home Concierge services (eg. personal butler, chef, waiter, etc.)*;
on-site assistance for the VIP Holiday services (eg. yacht rental, food and wine tours in major wine estates, golf courses, driver, beautician, massage therapist, etc.)*.
* = in some cases these services are provided directly by the owners.

Looking for a Villa, Cottage, Penthouse, Luxury House for Rent? Click below to see our Luxury Properties!

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Luxury Retreats for Rent

Luxury Retreats – International Home Market
Today it makes no sense to buy Luxury Properties only where you live. The international Real Estate market offers a wide range of opportunities that most attentive investors are able to catch. The team of Ville da Sogno has selected the most interesting opportunities in the market and, thanks to combined thirty years experience in real estate, is able to make customised scouting to find luxury homes “Off-Market” i.e. not officially on sale, which meets the specific requirements of the most demanding investors.

Luxury Retreats – Our Network
Our network consists of professionals serious and skilled, able to provide you with a free Real Estate Consulting to establish a consistent market evaluation and make “Scouting,” eg. searching on the market the properties that best meet your specific needs, making a targeted selection to highlight those Luxury Properties with the best quality/price ratio. Contact us if you want a targeted search for a Luxury Home, according to your specific needs.

Luxury Property – Bureaucratic Formalities
Moreover, we can follow you step by step until the notarial deed for the ownership transfer of your Luxury Retreat, or until you execute the lease agreement, so you don’t have to worry about all the bureaucratic procedures. While we take care of all “boring things”, you can enjoy your new Luxury Retreat.

Luxury Property – getting a Permanent Residency Permit and/or Citizenship
Through a team of specialized professionals, Ville da Sogno will help you to get the Permanent Residence, for you and your family, in Europe, in the Principality of Monaco or in Switzerland, after your Real Estate investment in a Luxury Retreat, Tenanted Yielding Property or Commercial Real Estate. Our consultants specialize in helping foreign investors, such as Russian, Chinese, or from the United Arab Emirates, to get the Permanent Residency after having invested in a Luxury Retreat. Contact us for further information.

Luxury Property – Tax Consulting
If desired, through a team of specialized professionals we can also help you to better optimize all fiscal aspects of your real estate investment. Contact us for further information on how to optimize the tax aspects for the purchase of your Luxury Retreat!

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Luxury Retreats for Sale

Luxury Retreats for Rent

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