Villa Torri del Benaco to be demolished

Villa Torri del Benaco with stunning lake view to be refurbished or demolished. By demolishing this villa Torri del Benaco you can build a brand new modern design villa. Final total surface can reach up to 240 sqm (2,630 sqf). By demolishing Villa Torri del Benaco you can build a brand new modern design villa. Final total surface can reach up to 240 sqm (2,630 sqf).Villa Torri del Benaco – PositionThe property is located in a privileged dominant position on the hill. In fact, you can admire amazing views on Lake Garda and the surrounding beautiful landscape. From the Villa Torri del Benaco you reach the town of Torri del Benaco in just 5 minutes car. The house is only 150 meters from lake, so you can easily access the beach, located right below. Contact us for further info!Villa Torri del Benaco – the VillaThe Villa Torri del Benaco is all on one floor, plus the basement, for a total a surface of 152 sqm (1,636 sqf). It is surrounded by a large garden of 1,000 sqm (10,764 sqf). You can chose between two options. For example, you can refurbish the existing villa, optimize energy efficiency and add a pool in the garden. Or you can demolish the house and build a brand new modern design villa with A+ every efficiency and infinity pool. This second solution allows to obtain an increase in volume of up to 60% on the currently existing surface. The resulting villa would be up to 240 sqm (2,630 sqf).Great OpportunityThis Villa Torri del Benaco is a great opportunity for a real estate developer. In other words, he can offer his clients one of the very few lake view sites still available for sale. But this is also a great chance for a family who wants to make its dream holiday home. This is a property at Lake Garda with breath-taking lake view. Contact us for arranging a viewing!LocationThe Villa Torri del Benaco is in a small and quiet lakeside town to the north of Garda town. It along the “Gardesana Orientale” road on the eastern edge of the lake. It features a very picturesque area around the harbour and medieval castle with three towers, which give the name to the town. Furthermore, inside the medieval building, the local ethnographic museum is dedicated to Lake Garda’s culture. Not everyone knows that “Benaco” is the Latin name of Lake Garda, used also by Dante in his “Divine Comedy”: «… in Italy lies a lake […] / and has the name Benaco)». The little town of Torri del Benaco is rich in history. Already inhabited in prehistoric times, during the Roman empire it was also called Castrium turrium, and it was an important centre thanks to its strategic position in the lake centre. It then became the centre of the longobards and Berengario 1, king of Italy, built here a tower which is still very well conserved. Then passed to the Scaligeri seigneurs of Verona, who in 1383 had the castle rebuilt. The Torre dell’ Orologio by the parish church also dates back to the scaliger period. The flourishing economy of Torri del Benaco during the venetian domination period can be still seen from some of the mansions. For example, the “Palazzo Marai-Mari” in vicolo Cairoli. Or the houses that adom the port, in particular the delightful “Casa dei Vicari”. Torri del Benaco is a little jewel in the middle of Lake Garda. It offers a mix of beautiful landscapes, pristine nature and history. That’s why this little town is the favorite destination of an international clientele looking for something special.