Historic Home in Italy with Art Collection

Historic home in Italy dating back to 1780 enriched with precious antique furnishing and a priceless Art Collection. This property is wonderfully located in Corso Palladio, the High Street in the historic centre of Vicenza, a city of art which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

Historic Home in Italy – A Masterpiece
This historic home in Italy is located on the “noble” floor of a monumental building built in 1780 by the famous architect Ottone Calderari. His historic building is considered an architectural masterpiece and is today protected by the Ministry of Architectural Heritage and Landscape. Contact us for arranging a viewing!

Historic Home in Italy – The Apartment
This historic home in Italy has a total surface of 450 square meters (4,844 square foot) and is served by an important ancient marble staircase, an elevator that reaches the noble floor and an imposing porch which brings to the apartment entrance.

In 2003 the apartment has undergone a careful and complete restoration, including the wall structure, all the systems and windows. The ancient floors have been finely restored to bring them back to their former glory. But, above all, the owner has taken great care in restoring the original frescoes, which are present in an important way in most of the house.

In the basement, you can find the wine cellar and the services area, which includes laundry, electrical panels, closet and boiler room. On the ground floor, there is the imposing main entrance, which features a stunning Palladian porch.

The property includes a wine cellar and two private outdoor car spaces.

Historic Home in Italy – Antique Furnishing and Art Collection
The owner of the house, who is a great Art lover, has embellished this historic apartment with ancient and precious furnishings and an incredible Art collection. This collection has been estimated by some art experts who have determined value of about 6 million euros. Incredibly, the owner has decided to sell all the furniture and the art collection in the incredible price of just 2 million euros! Click here for viewing a detailed and accurate inventory of every single piece of this Art Collection. 

The Architect – Ottone Maria Calderari
Ottone Maria Calderari was an important Italian architect whose activity was inspired by the works of Andrea Palladio, one of the most important architects of the Italian Renaissance. The “Palladian” facade of the historic building where is located this historic home in Italy demonstrates his love for the Palladian purity, elegance and taste.

Vicenza Art City – UNESCO Heritage Site
Vicenza is an Art city in the Veneto region, in northeastern Italy. It is a thriving and cosmopolitan city, with a rich history and culture, and many museums, art galleries, piazzas, historic villas, churches and elegant Renaissance palazzi. Thanks to the many historic buildings, the Palladian Villas and its renowned Teatro Olimpico (Olympic Theater), the “city of Palladio” has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. Contact us for arranging a viewing!