Luxury apartment Lake Garda for sale

Luxury apartment Lake Garda for sale in a historic building. This luxurious apartment Lake Garda is located in a unique context: a landmark Austro-Hungarian building dating to 1856. The last major project carried out in Italy by the Austro-Hungarian army a year before the death of Josef Radetzky, which took place in 1857. This Lake Garda apartment offers you the luxury of living in history, with the comfort, light and brightness of large spaces: from 270 to 450 square meters.

Apartment Lake Garda – The Restoration

The ambitious restoration project of this nineteenth-century Austro-Hungarian building that houses this apartment Lake Garda is entrusted to expert architects. The imposing palace is being carefully restored while maintaining and enhancing the architectural and structural features. The original materials, such as stone, exposed brick arches and ancient beams, have been carefully recovered and enhanced. An important testimony of our history, with suggestive architecture and generous spaces, which allow creating extraordinary luxury apartments. Ask for the restoration project’s complete teaser

Apartment Lake Garda – Luxurious Apartments & Penthouses

All the rooms of this historic building are huge and with large windows. The large spaces allow the architects involved in the restoration to obtain great elegance and comfort apartments. The project enhances the architectural details of the nineteenth-century building, creating functional and bright spaces. From 270 to 450 square meters, the generous sizes have been modulated to obtain apartments characterized by large dimensions and depth of vision. Like this luxury apartment Lake Garda.

Apartment Lake Garda – Suggestive location

All charming historic apartments enjoy a suggestive view over the Mezzo canal and the sixteenth-century Ponte dei Voltoni in Peschiera del Garda. The main entrance of the imposing Austro-Hungarian building instead opens onto the lush Catullo park. A privileged position, the charm of history and its indisputable beauty. All this makes this historic building the jewel of Lake Garda, which finally awakens and is ready to show its splendour. A privilege for the lucky few. Book your exclusive viewing to this apartment Lake Garda.

Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda is one of the most evocative towns of eastern Lake Garda and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, from 9 July 2017, the “Venetian defence works between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: State from Land-State from Western Sea” of the fortress of Peschiera became part of the 58 Italian sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of a kind, this lake village is surrounded by canals and overlooks the lake in a spot sheltered from the winds. Its alleys, protected by imposing ramparts, are home to a myriad of shops and restaurants and beautiful historic buildings, squares, churches, and impressive military structures rich in history. The Rocca di Peschiera del Garda, commonly known as Rocca, is a small architectural jewel enclosed by a substantial pentagonal wall dating back to the sixteenth century, with beautiful ramparts and majestic access gates. Living in this apartment Lake Garda will allow you to enjoy all this and much more.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest and most beautiful lake in Italy. Thanks to its unique charm and Mediterranean climate, Lake Garda is the most popular touristic destination in Northern Italy. In fact, in 2018, Lake Garda was visited by over 24 million unique visitors. Every year millions of international tourists come to Lake Garda and enjoy its stunning landscape and turquoise waters. Lake Garda, for centuries, was the favourite destination of noble families and significant historical figures. They came from Europe and also overseas. A few ones: Emperor Federico I Hohenstaufen, Empress of Austria “Sissi” Elisabeth of Bavaria, and German poet and writer Wolfgang Goethe. Also, Archduchess Maria Theresa of Ausburg, King Carlo Alberto di Savoia, King Vittorio Emanuele I and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill loved Lake Garda. Lake Garda offers a beautiful Mediterranean climate, a charming landscape, and pristine nature. And don’t forget the friendly people and unique culinary delights. Lake Garda is worldwide known for its famous wines and the extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. In this “Eden”, a small group of wealthy individuals have the rare opportunity to invest in top-quality real estate assets. Like this luxurious apartment Lake Garda for sale.