Beds: 2 Baths: 2 Tot. Rooms: 6 House sqm: 90 Built in: 1783 - 1863 Conditions: Just renewed Energy Efficiency Rating: C


Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus dated 1783 – 1863. This Walser haus has been richly restored preserving the historical value but with innovative technology solutions. In the Walser house there are Gressoney apartments available in various sizes, from one to four bedrooms.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Gressoney

This beautiful Walser Haus and the 9 apartments are located in the mountain town of Gressoney Saint Jean, Val d’Aosta, Italy. An elegant Ski resort town 1385 meters above sea level in a fairytale context. With spectacular views of Monte Rosa, which reflects in the emerald green waters of suggestive small lake Gover. The picturesque old town of Gressoney-Saint-Jean is characterized by a few typical Walser houses. Like the Walser haus which hosts these beautiful apartments in Gressoney Saint Jean. Contact us for information.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Queen’s Vacation

Not far from the Walser Haus with the apartments Gressoney there is the beautiful Savoia Castle. The castle was built for the Italian Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1894, as a vacation residence for her frequent holidays in Val d’Aosta. In fact, Gressoney Saint Jean was the favorite Alpine Ski resort of the Italian Royal Family, who spent here many years and influenced the town flourishing development.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Near Ski slopes

The Walser Haus with the 9 Gressoney apartments is just one bus stop from the ski lifts of Monterosa Ski Gressoney-Saint-Jean, with its 180 km of ski slopes:

  • Weissmatten chair lift with night lighting;
  • the wonderful Baby Snow Park Weissmatten;
  • the ski lift Ronken.

From the Gressoney apartments you can comfortably reach the ski lifts Monterosa Ski Gressoney-Saint-Jean with a shuttle that stops right in front of the Walser Haus. Nearby the apartments Gressoney and Walser Haus starts also a cross country ski trail.

Contact us and come to see the Gressoney apartments in this Walser house!

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – the Walser Haus

These apartments Gressoney are in a Walser Haus, which is a very characteristic house, typical of the alpine valleys around the Monte Rosa. The Walser Haus is an ancient alpine house rural in stone and wood. It is very present throughout the Monte Rosa area, particularly in Gressoney. The oldest Walser houses, like this one, are today considered cultural and architectural heritage. Therefore, the Walser houses are protected by the “Superintendency of Architectural and Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Region Valle d’Aosta”.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Historic Mansion

These Gressoney apartments are in a very old Walser Haus. This historic mansion is made up of two wooden parts merged during the nineteenth century to form single mansion-type Walser houses. The north portion of the Walser Haus is dated 1783, and the second is of the 1863. By purchasing one of the 9 apartments Gressoney in this ancient Walser Haus you make a safe investment. An historic Walser Haus lavishly restored to its former glory, with all the comforts and today technologies. Contact us for information.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – the Restoration

The delicate restoration work of this Walser haus and its 9 apartments Gressoney has been successfully completed by a well-known architectural firm on this territory since 1958. The architects applied on this Walser haus not only the current building regulations and innovative technology. But the love for wood and knowledge of traditional techniques.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Finishings

The restoration of the Walser haus had the aim of enhancing, in a unique and exclusive context, the architecture and historical features of the Walser haus. The result are 9 modern and comfortable apartments Gressoney. To achieve this result, for the finishing of the Walser haus and the apartments Gressoney have been used high quality materials. Such as ultra centenary wood planking of larch, recovered from previous removals, polished, restored and treated with natural waxes. All the windows and doors of the Walser haus and the apartments Gressoney are in solid brushed larch in natural color. And the windows have thermo-acoustic double glazing. Contact us for details.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Technology

During the restoration of the Walser haus and the apartments Gressoney were adopted innovative technological solutions. Such as temperature control for each room with GSM communicator for the remotely switching on and off. All 9 apartments Gressoney have home automation technology and the whole Walser haus is covered by Internet Wi-Fi.

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Skiing in Gressoney

Infrastructures for winter sports close to this Walser haus and apartments Gressoney are very rich both for downhill skiing (eg. the Three Valleys slopes: Val d’Ayas Valley, Gressoney Valley and Alagna Valsesia Valley). And for Nordic skiing, which runs for 25 kilometers through woods and great views of the glaciers. If you love skiing, from this Walser haus you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Apartments Gressoney in Walser Haus finely restored – Gressoney Golf Club

The Gressoney Golf Club, located 5 minutes from the Walser haus in Gressoney and the 9 apartments, is in an area which offers an immense panorama of Monte Rosa. From the Walser haus and its apartments in Gressoney Saint Jean you can go playing golf while admiring the Monte Rosa! The Gressoney Golf Club has 9 holes PAR 68 for a journey of mt. 4,406. And, despite being a golf course in the mountains, is playable from early June to late fall (until the first snow).

Other Sports in Gressoney

This Walser haus and its 9 apartments in Gressoney are the ideal starting point for many mountain excursions and mountain sports. From the Walser haus and the 9 apartments in Gressoney Saint Jean, thanks to some lifts which also operate in summer, you can go making many walks. Like the popular “Alta Via No. 1 in the Valle d’Aosta” from Gressoney to Courmayeur. Near the Walser haus and the apartments in Gressoney you can go practice all your favorite sports. Swimming (indoor heated pool) and cycling and mountain biking (including free-ride and down-hill). Or hiking, summer skiing, alpine skiing, alpinism. Or rock climbing, ice climbing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking. But also horseback riding, fishing, canyoning. And paragliding, glider flight or ballooning… Contact us for information!

The Monte Rosa

The Walser haus and the 9 flats are located in Gressoney Saint Jean, at the foot of Monte Rosa. Which is the undisputed king of the Pennine Alps with its 4,634 meters high. From the peaks of Monte Rosa descend 5 valleys, the most important of which is the Valley of Lys, also known as Gressoney Valley. Where you can find this beautiful Walser home and the 9 Gressoney flats.

Unique Opportunity!

These houses in Gressoney represent an unique opportunity to grasp a top luxury mountain apartment in a real historic Walser haus dating back to 1783 richly restored!

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